Mark your calendar

As a community building exercise for 2018, I’m going to host four online gatherings for MTs building their practices . . . for free!

We’ll gather in a structured environment to set intention, get feedback on what we’re working on, and revel in our community.

Time will go fast and I hope you’ll leave each gathering feeling inspired and connected to each other.  And, of course, I hope you’ll leave with fresh insight into the work of building your practice.

Mark your calendar for the following dates:

  • January 8th, 8:00am Pacific
  • April 9, 8:00am Pacific
  • August 13, 8:00am Pacific
  • December 3, 8:00am Pacific

I will publish registration links as each date approaches, so keep your eyes peeled!

Where to look for great referral partners

I say it all the time . . . having the right referral partners can establish 60% of your practice.  And there are always questions about how, exactly, to find those "right" partners.

I've heard m...

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Is there too much competition to have a full practice?

This is a question (or a fear) I hear a lot.  In this video I talk about why it matters to have a firm handle on this answer.  I also talk about how to work with this issue of competition in a way t...

This is a membership-based post.  Not a member yet?  Get access for only $5 per month!  Join here.

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I have a confession

isabel spradlin

My confession is this: I’m not interested in entertaining you.  And not because I don’t like you!  I’m just not an entertainer.

I know that in the current online landscape people are often looking for soundbites, easily digestible how-to information, inspiration, entertainment, constant movement.  But, that’s just not my personality – in fact, that kind of stuff is exhausting to me.  (You’ll notice I’m rarely on social media for exactly this reason.)

I love to laugh and have a good time.  But when it comes to my work, I am basically a “serious” person.  I like work, I like thinking deeply about things, I like puzzle solving.  I like helping others get their work going.  I don’t like sharing useless (or borderline useless) information.  I don’t like emotional manipulation, no matter what form it comes in.  I don’t like adding soundbites to the world.

Depth of experience is important to me.

And in this current climate, I think that’s a rather hard thing to talk about (and do).

The beautiful thing is that I know I have soul-sisters (and brothers) out there who like throwing down and getting deep into their work.  Who are into their actual work.  Who are interested in the long-term of the work, not just a payday tomorrow or next month.

I’ve already met a bunch of you (OYPers, represent!!) . . . and I can’t wait to meet a bunch more of you.

This week’s Membership Post goes up tomorrow.  I hope to see you in the comments!