the 4-month



Get the community, support, and direction you’ve been craving.

massage mastermindAre you ready to really dig in to your practice . . . but maybe you’re unsure:

  • how it’s going to go or
  • how you’re going to overcome the obstacles that have been in your way so far?

That’s why this 4-month Mastermind is here!  To help you:

  • clear the blocks
  • learn what you need to know
  • and create an amazing community of support around yourself

All so you can build or stabilize your massage practice.

Isabel SpradlinI’ve been full-time in my practice for almost 10 years – and while I won’t say I’ve “seen it all,” I will say I have now seen most of it.  And I’m here for you.  I want to pass on what I know, what I’ve learned, and get you going in the most effective way possible.

I also recognize that there is no one person who can hold all of the ideas and information about this.  That’s why we’re doing this as a group!

Not only will you learn from me and get access to the resources I’ve developed over many years of working in my full-time, thriving practice, you will also have access to the genius of your peers.  And they will have access to the insights, perspectives and genius that you bring to the group.  It’s a win-win-win!

I am committed to your success

Because I want you to have the best possible tools to succeed, I am keeping this Mastermind group small.  This will not be a group of 60 or 100 or more.  Rather, I am restricting the group size to just 15 people.

Doing it this way ensures that you get timely answers to your personal questions in our weekly sessions.  It also ensures that you don’t just fade away into the background of an oversized group.  And, that of course, means you get lots of motivation and accountability to reach your goals!

This small size also helps me to monitor the group to be sure that we are creating a healthy culture of “getting stuff done” without shaming, belittling, or being hard on each other or on ourselves.

I believe that this kind of healthy culture makes it exponentially more likely that you will achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

How does this group work?

massage mastermindThis is an online Mastermind that uses the best in current conference call technology to make our weekly meetings as useful as possible.

The call itself can be joined via phone or internet.  In addition to the call itself:

* Each participant has access to a real-time dashboard that allows me to upload documents (as needed) so that you can download them for yourself right then and there.

* We can screen-share with each other during the call.  For example, if you want feedback on your website, we can all look at it together and know exactly what each of us is referencing.

*  And, of course, the technology gives us the option of a round-table discussion or one-by-one Q&A, depending on the needs of the day.

The Details:

This program will be back soon!

What topics will we discuss?  What questions are allowed?

Any and all of your questions about running a successful massage practice are welcome.  For example, you may be curious about:

  • The “behind the scenes” of running a practice
    • Pricing
    • Business Planning
    • Scheduling
    • Marketing
    • Building a strong referral network
    • Finding the right office space and landlord
    • Managing your online presence
    • Reviews
    • etc.
  • The hands-on or in-session side of running a practice
    • Managing client expectations
    • Managing difficult client relationships
    • Building client trust and communication
    • Building your skills as a therapist
    • Creating and maintaining the boundaries you need
    • etc.

Usually, there is a mix of general questions (How do I go about doing x, y, or z?) and very specific and personal questions (I have one client who is constantly asking for a discount, what do I do?)  In this Mastermind, you are welcome to bring whatever is most alive for you, or whatever you would most like to focus on to each meeting.

Of course there will be weeks when you don’t have a burning question or problem and that’s when it’s so nice to be able to lend your support in-meeting to others.  That’s also a nice time to just bask in the knowledge that you are surrounded by like-minded massage therapists who are working their tushes off to make their practices happen – just like you!

Community like this is amazing and powerful.

Why four months?

For most people, four months is that sweet spot right between I just caught the momentum! and needing some time to absorb and work with everything you’ve just learned and done.

When you’re working in this concentrated way:

  • with like-minded colleagues cheering you on
  • with staying super focused and accountable, and
  • taking big (sometimes scary) steps

you will likely need a bit of rest and recoup time right around the 4-month mark.  I’ve experienced it myself and seen it in others often enough that I feel confident in offering this time-frame for the Mastermind.

Is it time?

If it’s time for you to get serious about growing your practice or taking what you’ve already built to the next truly stable level, I hope you’ll join us for this amazing Mastermind experience.

A supportive learning community is a powerful thing to have in your corner and I look forward to working with you in this focused way!


This program will be back soon!