4 Rules of FB Ads for Massage Therapists

Are you boosting posts or running FB Ads for your massage practice?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it but are feeling a bit intimidated by getting started?

I get it.

FB Ads can be powerful, but they can also quickly turn into a huge drain on your bank account if you don’t have yourself set up properly to begin with.

As usual, I’ve been there, done that (as far as not setting up properly and wasting lots of cash).  And, I want to save you some of your hard earned dollars by giving you these 4 tips about how to create a solid foundation.  That way, your FB Ads have a greater chance of succeeding.

While they’re not a magic bullet, FB Ads can help to grow your practice.  They can be awesome!

But honestly, it’s only awesome if they’re actually turning into good-fit, full-paying clients for you.

I mean it’s nice to have lots of likes, but likes don’t pay the bills.  Know what I mean?

Here’s to your FB Ad success!

And, just to give a huge old plug for the OWN Your Practice program, I have just added 5 step-by-step video tutorials to get you going with FB Ads!  This is brand-new to the program, and I’m so excited to be offering it.  Come on over and join us!

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Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin has owned her full-time practice since 2007. She has a deep drive to help other massage therapists and bodyworkers to create thriving businesses for themselves. For comprehensive programs to help you do just that, see the 'Programs' tab in the menu.

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