$7,000 anyone?

A thought for this week . . .

I opened my email this morning to an invitation to get certified in a specific type of bodywork.  The first module takes 4 full days and is just under $1,000.  There are 7 modules (presumably another $1,000 each) to get certified.

I have no problem with this.  High-quality, hands-on training with someone who knows what they’re doing is expensive and time consuming.

What kills me is that soooo many practitioners will spend that certification money no problem, but when it comes to building their their business . . . they’re unwilling to spend any money to learn how to do it well.

Believe me, I get it.  We were never told in massage school that business building is actually a skill, that it requires learning an often whole new skill set.  Massage school makes it seem like we have everything we need when we leave.

But we don’t.  Just like we can’t possibly know everything about our modalities when we leave school, we can’t possibly know everything about running a successful private practice.  It takes work, dedication, and a lot of learning.  And that’s good!

I always have believed (and preached) that every massage therapist who wants their own private practice should have one.  It benefits everyone (us, our clients, and our profession) when as many therapists as possible have their own thriving practice.

But if we’re going to get there, we have to learn to value the business side as much as we value the hands-on side.

What do you think?

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Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin has owned her full-time practice since 2007. She has a deep drive to help other massage therapists and bodyworkers to create thriving businesses for themselves. For comprehensive programs to help you do just that, see the 'Programs' tab in the menu.

What are your thoughts?

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