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It seems like growing a massage practice should be so easy . . .

When I started out running my own full-time practice (in 2007), I really thought I knew what I was doing.  I thought it would be pretty easy.

I thought everything would just fall into place!

It was hard for me to admit otherwise when, 6 months later, I was dead broke and scared this thing would never work.

Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin, LMT. Full-time practice owner since 2007.

Once it was clear that my practice wasn’t going to just happen, I went on a mission to find every bit of information I could to help me grow my practice.

I went to great lengths to find the help I needed.  And I had to piece most of it together.

Now, I’ve made the comprehensive OWN Your Practice program so that it can be easier for you to get your practice growing.

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Victor Barreda Pazos, owner of Aqua4Life Aquatic Bodywork


I am very proud that in 2018, NCBTMB has approved 42 CE hours to the OYP program!


What I offer in everything I do is not the product of a week-long workshop, or a year-long seminar. The information I teach is not theoretical.  What I offer you is the exact process I used (and still use) to make my practice grow, broken down into its simplest, clearest form.

I have stripped down all of the information I’ve gained over the last decade, from in-person to online, so that you can have just the information that reliably works.  And, you can get NCBTMB credits while you’re doing it!  My whole idea is to save you huge amounts of time and energy that you can then put into enjoying your time with your family, friends, or building other aspects of your business.

I had to piece everything together as I went.  Now I am so glad to give you the streamlined version so you don’t have to struggle to piece it together for yourself.

*If you would like to be in the loop when the next Q&A about the program happens, sign up for blog notifications.

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