Another podcast sneak peek!

Did you see the new full Podcast episode on Friday, The Freedom of a Full Practice?

Today was SO much fun!

Before our client day started, Amber Cook and I jumped onto YouTube unannounced to give you a taste of what our upcoming podcast episodes are going to be like!  You can take a listen here.

And be sure to follow the podcast so you don’t miss our first full episode together on September 7th!


Yesterday, I added a podcast version of this post (the podcast player is now there for you to listen to):

Sole Proprietorship or LLC? And, what’s the deal with loans?

You get it in advance!

This long-form episode won’t be “officially” available until next Monday, but I wanted to give you a jump on it!  (If you’re viewing this via email, you’ll need to click through to see the podcast player.)

In this episode, I interview Benjamin Eli Eichenhauer of Prime Vital Health and Revive Community Commons in Portland, OR.  Eli talks about the deep ways he has increased his community engagement both as a method of growing his practice and as a way of continuing to expand his work in the world!

Additionally, I answer the Question of the Day, review I Thought It Was Just Me by Brene Brown.  And of course, I learn you some stuff in the teaching segment at the end!

And Remember!

We’re in the final days of the All-Class 50% OFF discount for the Tune-Up classes is going to expire soon.  Get yourself in there!

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Isabel Spradlin
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