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5 ToolsYour Confidence Workbook is in your inbox.

Now, would you like to learn how to use your workbook to the fullest?

Don’t worry, the workbook is complete.

But if you are working on your practice and you want to really turbo-charge it, then pair it with The 5 Tools You NEED to Grow Your Practice FAST.

It’s a recorded 1.5 hour class (directly integrated with your Confidence Workbook) that I’ve given many times to help massage therapists just like you to:

  • get over the practice-building confusion, and
  • focus just on the stuff that works.

I’ve been helping massage therapists who are building their practices for years now.  I love giving people just the specific tools that really make a difference in their practice growth.

Because I don’t want you to:

  • get frustrated and give up
  • waste your time and energy trying to do complicated things that don’t grow your practice fast
  • feel like there’s a “trick” to practice building that successful therapists aren’t telling you about
  • think that building a full practice is too complicated for a “normal” person to do
  • get overwhelmed by business growth information that isn’t actually for massage therapists

I deeply believe that every massage therapist who wants their own practice should have their own practice.  

Not only do I think that’s what’s best for you (if you want it), I believe that’s what’s best for our clients, and for our entire profession.

Thriving private practices benefit everyone.

own your practiceMassage therapy is a creative endeavor that can help SO MANY PEOPLE!  There are no end to people who can genuinely benefit from your excellent work.

Let’s make sure you are stable and strong in your practice, so you can help them for years to come.

I believe in this class.

My students have found time and again that the information in this makes a real difference in practice growth.

Thank you for your motivational messages...!!!...
Let's do this!!
thank you. i really needed to hear this
Thank you for all the information you shared today.
thank you so much for all your help

I hope you’ll choose to make this one of your learning experiences, too.

Right now only, you can purchase the class for just $9 (less than half of its usual price).

For just $9, you can get the exact information you need to really start taking fast action on the practice of your dreams.

But, once you leave this page, the half-off offer is gone.  I hope you’ll take me up on it now!

The 5 Tools You NEED to Grow Your Practice FAST

5 Tools

$19 (US)

$9 (US)

Yes! Sign me up!

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