massage practice confidence workbook

Build your massage practice confidence.

Bring in awesome clients at your full rate and feel good about it!

With one exercise per day, I walk you step-by-step through exactly what I’ve done over the 10 years of my own full-time, private practice to bring in new, full-pay clients.

The steps I give you help you bring in and keep the clients you’re happy to see . . .

 . . . who never “forget their wallets,” “need to negotiate prices,” or any other shenanigans.

As you go through the 4 “days” of the workbook, you will see how when you use all of these techniques you’re about to learn, you can:

  • stop worrying that the wrong clients are going to be calling you up and wasting your time
  • feel confident you can avoid — or, even better, flip those bargain-basement massage hunters and turn them into long-term, full-paying clients
  • and you can rest easy knowing you’re not just attracting ‘one-session-and-never-see-them-again’ types – exhausting!

I’ve learned this information through a lot of trial/error, chutzpah, and hard work.  I’ve spent thousands of hours and tons of money learning how to run my business to its fullest potential.

And I want to pass that mojo on to you.

Basically, I want to save you as much time and energy as possible by walking you step-by-step through how I still manage my pricing to this day.

If you take it day-by-day . . . In under a week, you’ll have mastered how to have those very important pricing conversations with your clients – and feel good about it.

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