Integrity Rocks, Selling Sucks

If you can’t shake the idea that “selling” yourself or your work in your practice is a crappy thing to do, then you’ve got company.  I hate selling, and I’m not just saying that to get all chummy with you.

With the exception of offering modest discounts in the first two years of my practice, I’ve never used “hard-core” or even “traditional” sales tactics to grow my thriving practice, fast.  And I’ve never taught mentees or students to use them either.

But, since creating the OWN Your Practice program, I needed to make sure that I wasn’t missing something and short-changing those who learn from me.  So, I signed myself up to learn how to “sell” from the best (if I told you their names, you’d probably recognize them) and I paid A LOT of money for that learning.  I learned how to truly “sell” to get fast, big results.  I tried it, hated it, and finally felt completely satisfied that I DO NOT need those tactics for a full practice (or anything else).

True story.

I really do hate “selling” and I refuse to do it ever again for some very good reasons.  That’s what this free (for a limited time) class that I’m going to give is aaaaall about.  It’s about staying 1000% in your integrity as you bring in and keep full-pay, happy clients.

Most of us have terrible reactions to the idea of “selling” FOR VERY GOOD REASONS.

And if you’re not going to “sell,” if you’re not going to use boldly manipulative techniques to grow, then you need to know what to do instead to make your practice really, truly work.  Because a full practice doesn’t just happen.

I hope you’ll join me for this class.  I really believe it’s the most important one I’ve ever created.