The Massage Business Academy

with Isabel Spradlin

Isabel spradlin
10+years massage practice owner, Isabel Spradlin, Oregon LMT #14111

Are you working on growing your private massage practice?

Do you want the highest quality information about how to grow and keep your practice thriving?

You’re in the right place.


All Academy classes are now a permanent part of the OWN Your Practice Program!

AND, if you’re not quite ready for the OYP program yet, you can buy each Academy class recording right here.

I have taught these classes many times and these recordings of the live classes represent the best I have to offer.


When you purchase, your classes are delivered to you in an email containing download links just for you.

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Integrity & Your Sales Structure

This is my favorite class.  There is so much confusion and angst around “selling” our services.  Once you’ve taken this class, you’ll be able to move forward with your sales process knowing it is completely in line with your own deepest values!

Excerpts from the class:

Entire class, including in-class work time = 58 minutes

$20 US

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Nail Down Your Pricing

Pricing stumps a lot of massage therapists.  From worries that clients will get mad or stop coming, to worries about what increasing your pricing does to your image in the community.  I teach this class so your pricing is sure to come from and reflect your deepest held values.

Excerpts from the class:

Entire class, including in-class work time = 64 minutes

$20 US

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Confident Client Retention

Having a full practice is made soooooo much easier when you have a high rate of return clients (who are happy to pay your full rates).  This class is in-depth information about how to retain clients in the most professional and satisfying ways possible.

Excerpts from the class:

Entire class, including in-class work time = 68 minutes

$20 US

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Money in Your Massage Practice

Make the Most of Your Marketing Materials

The Inner Aspect of Running a Business

Create Solid Referral Relationships

Make Your Event Work for You

Getting Your Mojo Back

Goal Setting for Your Practice

Excite Clients About Your Work (even if you don’t have much experience)

Solid Self-Care for MTs


How do these Academy classes differ from the OWN Your Practice program? 

The OYP program is what I consider to be “complete.”  Meaning, if you are in the OYP program, you get all of the Academy classes as a part of the program IN ADDITION to all of the workbooks, audios, and extras of the program.

What we do in the OYP program dives deep into every aspect of running a successful practice.  In addition, when you join OYP, you get three free months of full Q&A support with me.

Whatever you decide, I hope to see you soon!