OWN Your Practice Program


I am currently changing how this program is offered, please check back soon!

I am currently changing how this program is offered, please check back soon!

Quick facts:

  • A comprehensive program to get your practice growing as fast as possible.
  • Base program is 7-modules (220 pages of workbooks), 10 hour-long video classes, worksheets, strategy sheets, and more.
  • Comes with tons of support . . .
    • 2 live Q&A sessions per week for your first 3 months, with the option to continue.
    • Two 45 minute 1-on-1 sessions with Isabel.
    • A private FB group for students.
  • Covers everything you need to know about creating and maintaining a successful “sales funnel” for your practice.
  • NEVER teaches or requires salesy techniques to get good, full-pay clients in the door.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Program costs $2,500 with the opportunity for a $500 refund (read below)
  • Created by Isabel Spradlin, who has owned (and still runs) her own full-time, thriving private practice since 2007.

“Isabel, I have seen 19 new clients in the past 10 weeks since I opened my new location(!)” ~ Abby 

“I truly believe it is a valuable course and content – even to the extent that some of it should be taught in schools!” ~ Joyce

“This was a great course.  I would strongly recommend it to anyone in the profession.”  ~ Becki 


A successful massage practice is an ECOSYSTEM


Every part of a successful practice relies on the the whole being in good shape, and vice versa.

That doesn’t mean you have to be an expert at every little thing in your practice.  It does mean that each piece needs to be healthy and cared for so that the whole thing can thrive.


 How do you get all of the pieces working together so you have a full practice?

The first step is making sure you know all of the pieces that need to be in place.

So many massage therapists I start working with don’t have a separate business bank account . . .

Or they’re not retaining the new clients they bring in . . .

Or they’re not nurturing the great contacts they have in their community . . .

Or they’re too scared to actually charge their full rate, every time . . .

Or about a dozen other things.


Every massage practice works a little differently . . . and thats good!

But the foundational pieces are the same for everyone – and if those are in good shape, then growing your practice becomes SO MUCH easier!

Once the foundation is strong, then digging into the really unique aspects of your business and your practice becomes very enlivening.


What does your practice need?

Everyone has different strengths and different areas where they just flat out struggle.

That’s normal and natural.

As business owners, we need to really step into those places of struggle and figure out how to get them in hand.

That doesn’t mean you have to become a master bookkeeper.  It does mean you need a solid way of tracking money in your practice.

It doesn’t mean you have to become a “salesperson.”  It does mean you need to understand your values-based sales structure and how it fits into your whole business.

It doesn’t mean you have to manipulate clients into becoming regulars.  It does mean your retention processes need to be genuine and consistent.

It doesn’t mean you have to spam other practitioners or trick them into sending clients your way.  It does mean you need to learn to connect meaningfully with other practitioners and business owners.

And much more . . .

There is a lot that goes into building a successful, thriving business of any kind.

I’m here to help.

The ‘OWN Your Practice’ program is built to help you create the thriving business ecosystem that will allow your massage practice to grow and stay full for the long-term.


Not only is the program step-by-step, it is set up so that each part makes all of the other parts stronger and more effective.

 All of this is included in the program as:

* 220 pages of workbooks for the main modules

plus additional

* strategy sheets

* workbooks

* checklists

*and video trainings

 *As a quick reminder, these are the exact tools I used to grow and stabilize my practice – and that I have been teaching my students for years. None of it is theoretical.

See full syllabus here.

Own Your Practice - Self-Study

A comprehensive program to help you:

  • Feel totally confident and passionate about setting up the structures that will create the practice of your dreams.
  • Identify and take action on the specific, most important things you need to do to create the practice of your dreams.



Week 1: Your Mindset

  • It is entirely possible that for all of the nuts-and-bolts information you definitely need, this module is THE MOST IMPORTANT one in the whole program.
  • Get your thoughts, words, actions, stories, and beliefs about money and helping/healing in line with who you really are.  Don’t settle for someone else’s beliefs about what you can or can’t do/should or shouldn’t do.
  • Take a real look at how you are taking care of yourself in your life and how you can feel better
  • Resolve any disconnects in your thinking about why your work is so important
  • Includes two hour-long classes: The Inner Aspect of Running a Biz and Getting Your Mojo Back

Week 2: Online

  • Get the online portion of your sales funnel into tip-top shape.  Not sure what a sales funnel is?  No problem.  I walk you through it step-by-step.  And more importantly, this is a sales funnel specifically for massage therapists.  It is exactly the one I used to go from happily (then not-so-happily) broke to thriving in my practice.
  • Overcome your fears of having an online presence.
  • Write an effective website (and other marketing materials) that actually turn the right people into your clients.
  • Includes the hour-long class: Make the Most of Your Marketing Materials

Week 3: Who Are Your Clients?

  • I know that “ideal client” work shows up in almost every business and/or coaching course.  So, it can seem repetitive and worst of all, useless or confusing.  That said, it is essential and I love helping people through this bit.  This module is a direct and integrated companion to Week 2: Online, because you can’t build a sales funnel or effective marketing materials to attract the clients of your dreams without knowing who those Ideal Clients are.
  • Start finding out who your clients really are and who most want to work with you.  We go through information specific to massage practice clients.
  • Includes the hour-long class: Excite Clients About Your Work (even if you don’t have much experience)

Week 4: Your Desires & Goal Setting

  • After doing that heavy-duty nuts-and-bolts work in modules 2-3, we come back to the heavy-duty internal work that is required if you want to set meaningful, exciting, and achievable goals.
  • Get real with your true desires for your life and your practice.
  • Get your 3-month plan in order.
  • Learn how to overcome the blocks and other resistance that will come up as you are achieving your big goals.
  • Includes the hour-long class: Goal Setting for Your Practice

Week 5: Client Relationships & Retention

  • Get crystal clear about how to communicate with clients to build a lasting relationship.  (HINT: This is an essential piece of your sales funnel.)
  • Learn how to use Intake, Charting, and Follow-up in a way that matters to retention – because if you’re not retaining at a high rate, you’re wasting your precious time and energy.
  • Begin working on your pricing.
  • Includes two hour-long classes: Confident Client Retention and Integrity and Your Sales Process

Week 6: Referral Relationships

  • Learn how to identify the practitioners who will send your Ideal Clients over and over again. . . and who YOU love referring back to.  (HINT: This is an essential piece of your sales funnel.)
  • Learn where to find those practitioners, how to approach them, and how to maintain long and wonderful relationships with them.
  • Learn how to become an excellent referral partner back to those practitioners.
  • Includes the hour-long class: Building Solid Referral Relationships

Week 7: Money

  • Get square with your money situation and your money mindset.
  • Walk through each step of setting the absolute best prices and discounts (if you choose to use them) for you. (HINT: This is an essential piece of your sales funnel.)
  • Learn how to start planning for the future of your practice and your long-term revenue.
  • Includes two hour-long classes: Money in Your Massage Practice and Nail Down Your Pricing


massage mastermindHaving been through multiple business-building programs myself, I know how hard it can be to stay focused and complete the program so you can get the FULL benefit of it.

That’s why I include multiple checklists for you:

  • The OYP program Checklist – to make sure you stay on track and finish the whole program.
  • The Monday – Friday Checklist – to make sure you stay focused in a day-to-day way.
  • The Finding the Right Space Checklist – to help you find the best possible office for your practice.

You also get:

  • 5 FB Ads training videos – so you can be sure you’re not just throwing your advertising money down the drain.
  • The Online Presence Strategy Sheet – so you can get your social media, blog, and newsletter dialed in with the least time-investment possible.
  • The Events That Convert Strategy Sheet – so you can create a free class or event that actually brings in new clients.
  • Massage Practice Policies Swipe File – so you don’t have to guess about your practice policies.
  • very special bonus module to help you overcome any Overwhelm you encounter.

3 Months of Live Q&A Included

I know that simply having the workbooks and additional materials to do on your own is not enough to get the results you want.

So, the program comes with 3 FULL months of live Q&A support.

    • Regular scheduled weekly 1-hour online Q&A meetings
    • Regular scheduled weekly 1/2 hour online Q&A follow-up meeting
    • Two private, 1-on-1 Q&A meetings with Isabel during your first three months
    • Once your three included months are complete, you are welcome to continue in the Q&A for $37/mo or $297/year (not required).


. “I like listening in on the Tune-Up classes … I know it’s the same information coming out of the modules, but for me just as a learner, sitting and listening to you talk through it and me sitting there with you taking the notes has been really beneficial.”  OYP student Kaitlynn Hermanson, owner of Peak MassageWorks heart

Ok, so that’s all of what’s included.

But how do you know if this is the right program for you?

The OWN Your Practice program is by application only.  For many people, simply filling out the application is enough to tell them if they’re ready for this experience.

I ask a lot of my students so they can experience:

* the confidence of being a successful business owner and

* the momentum of a full practice.

I could market this program as being right for anyone who wants their own practice – and in fact, that’s how I used to do it.

But, accompanying students through the program has helped me understand that if you’re really going to get your money and time’s worth, we need to make sure we’re on the same page to start.


I genuinely want you in this program if it is meaningful to you.  

Don’t let doubt or fear or self-consciousness or anything else stop you from applying if this is the program you want to be in.

I never use pressure-filled sales tactics.

Please know that when you submit your application, you will NOT receive a manipulative or heavy-handed response.   If you are accepted, I want you making the final decision to join from a place of strength and enthusiasm.

$$ Money $$


All of this is currently changing, please check back soon!

This includes any additional materials I add in the future.

I understand that funding your business growth can sometimes be a challenge.  That’s why I offer the ability to purchase gift certificates in any dollar amount.  That way you can ask family & friends to use special occasions (or just any old day) to gift you anywhere from $5 to the full price of the program toward your enrollment. I put my all into serving my students.  If this program is calling to you, I dearly hope you will apply.

Additional Costs:

Depending on where you’re at in your business and whether you already have these things done or not . . . you may need to make a few additional investments once you are in the program.

  • Website hosting costs (generally between $8-20/month depending on the services you choose)
  • Website build – not required (If you choose to hire someone to make your website for you this generally costs between $1,500 – $3,000)
  • Printed marketing materials such as cards, brochures, etc. (generally between $50-$200 to get started)
  • Office space – many people come into the program wanting to transition into a new office space (generally $300-500/mo. with additional one-time costs such as furnishings, etc.)
  • Advertising & Networking – not required, but sometimes recommended (generally between $200 – $1,000)

$$ The “Deal” $$

Anyone who joins the OWN Your Practice program and finishes all of the workbooks within 8 weeks of their first day in the program will get a $500 refund of their program price. Cool, right!?  And there really is no catch.  As long as you:

  • show all of your workbooks (not for critique, just to prove you actually did the work – the real work – and didn’t write “All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl” over and over.)

. . . then you will get your $500 refund.  No joke.

This $500 refund incentive is to help you light that fire of “getting it done-ness” under your tush.  I have found consistently that the students who complete all of the workbooks the fastest, get the fastest and most consistent growth in their practices.

What about the NCBTMB credit? To receive the approved CEs, you will need to make sure you have completed all of the program requirements.  IT IS OK IF THIS PART TAKES YOU LONGER THAN 8 WEEKS.  You can complete the workbooks in 8 weeks, get the $500 refund, and then take as long as you’d like to complete the rest of the requirements to receive full NCBTMB credit.   During your application call, we can discuss this in detail.

You do NOT have to finish the program in 8 weeks.

The 8 week timeline only applies if you want the $500 refund.  If you don’t care about the refund, you can take as long as you’d like to complete the program. And remember, no matter whether you take the refund or not, you still have your full 12 weeks of included Q&A!

‘OWN Your Practice’ Love


Your program has truly truly truly and sincerely helped me throughout this journey that I’m embarking on. I have always known what I wanted to do, but had no clue how to execute it all correctly. Every time I see one of your videos I get excited and pumped up all over again and ready to dive in to all the nuts and bolts work. I greatly appreciate the time and effort that you have put in to build this amazing program. Truly, Isabel, thank you.

– Rosa Saidel, owner of Rosa’s Natural Healing Hands

“I didn’t realize how much I needed this program.

I would recommend the OYP program to any massage business owner, whether they are just starting out or have been in business for years. 

I have been doing massage for 13 + years and started my own business 6 years ago. I wanted to grow my business but didn’t know how. I know how to do a quality massage, but Isabel gave me the steps, encouragement and information on how to spread my wings to reach more clients. I now see that I can do more and be more with my business. I love that the program is personal to me!  When we do the Q & A calls the answer is not the same for every single business owner, we are individuals and Isabel listens to OUR questions and helps find an answer that is a good fit for US as an individual.  What business owner wouldn’t want to have a knowledgeable coach there to listen to them and help them figure out what move to make next?

– Abby, owner of Abby Meyers Massage

“I would rate your OYP program at a 10 (out of 10). I gained a lot of useful information and direction from you. As you know, I hired a business coach this past summer and really got a push in the right direction. Your coaching was more one on one (even though it was a group call) I felt like we weren’t rushed and I received valuable information especially on how to design the Facebook ads and conversions. (I didn’t even know there was such a thing).”

– Becki Ward, owner of Massage Solutions of McDonough

own your practice

“Isabel and this course are fantastic.  Online is tricky for me but her level of knowledge and presence throughout the course made it very doable.” ~ Anonymous from course evaluation

Victor Barreda Pazos, owner of Aqua4Life Aquatic Bodywork

Why Trust Me . . .

If you’re not already familiar with me, I’m Isabel Spradlin!  I’ve owned my full-time private practice since 2007.  The minute I got my license, I leased an office in downtown Portland, OR and started my practice.  I’ve never worked for anyone else in my practice – so all of my expertise is in building a successful massage business from the ground up.

And it’s not just me . . .

In 2018, the OYP program finished the extensive vetting process by NCBTMB and was awarded 42 continuing education hours by them!

Since 2009, my specialty has been helping people recover from abdominal adhesions.  In addition to my in-person practice, I have created online self-care programs to serve thousands more clients than I ever could have in my 1-1 practice.

I started my practice the year before the Great Recession hit.  With hard work and a deep continuing need to work for myself, I made it work.  But it could have been so much easier if I had just known what to do, and in what order!

Because I don’t want you to have to piece together your practice the way I did, I created this program.

As you may have seen elsewhere, I’ve started and run networking groups, mastermind groups, teach-arounds, and support groups over many years.  I’ve taught workshops and mentored other practitioners, and have worked hard to figure out exactly what works to help others through this process.

Because I know first-hand exactly what it takes to get a full massage practice going . . . and keep it going, I feel confident in the help I offer to others.

As far as I’m concerned, my success in my business is neither a mystery nor luck.  It has all been a matter of finding the right tools, and the right order in which to use those tools.

Now I am passionate about passing those tools on to you.

The Details . . .

All of your program materials are delivered online.  Nothing will be mailed to you.

Once you are in the program, you will have immediate access to:

  • The private FB group for OYP students (lifetime)
  • Your 3 months of the Q&A program
  • Recordings of previous Q&A meetings
  • All 7 pdf workbooks (lifetime)
  • All 7 audio introductions to listen, download, and use (lifetime)
  • 10 1-hour video classes
  • All program Checklists (lifetime)
  • All program Strategy Sheets (lifetime)
  • All additional modules and materials to download and use (lifetime)


You can have:

* a stronger practice

* better income

* more committed clients who love paying your full rate

* more satisfaction as a kick-ass entrepreneur.

In case you need a little more encouragement, this kind of progress is pretty common in the OYP program . . .


Whether you’re starting from scratch or you have a small practice and are ready to make your move to really grow it . . . now is the time.

If you’ve made it this far on this page, in all likelihood you are ready for this program.  But, I want you to make the best decision for YOU.  That’s why we have a short 1-1 talk before you join.  I want to make sure your questions are answered and that you’re set up to get the absolute most from this program.

I’m here to serve and I hope to see your application today!