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Well, it seems like August is my podcast month.  Last year this time, I put up 10 podcast episodes.  Now, I’m queuing up a bunch more for you as we wrap up Summer!

The following videos now have their own podcast players below them.  PLUS, you get a sneak peek!!  The episode at the bottom won’t be officially available until Friday . . . but you can listen to it now!

Why isn’t practice building info more free?

Risk taking is a skill to learn

Coming this Friday . . .

(But you get this sneak peek and can listen now to The Freedom of a Full Practice!)

In this episode I talk to Dana Davis, LMT of Midnight Sun Massage in Portland, OR.  She has had a bursting-full practice for well over a decade and she shares with us a huge amount of detail about what she did to get there . . . as well as what it’s like to have the freedom of a full practice!

Additionally, I answer the Question of the Day and review Mindset by Carol S. Dweck.  And, as always, we have our straight-up teaching segment at the end.

And, Finally . . .

Remember that the All-Class 50% OFF discount for the Tune-Up classes is going to expire soon.  Get yourself in there!

See you soon!

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Isabel Spradlin
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