Possible unemployment benefits

Hello my fellow MTs, just a brief note.

In case you didn’t see this, here is some information from a source I trust. The new bill apparently covers self-employed folks in unemployment benefits (very unusual). It will be worth checking into it in your State.

Forbes article about the stimulus bill (including possible unemployment benefits).

I know we’re all flying by the seat of our pants here. Now more than ever I encourage you to connect with your fellow MTs in supportive and meaningful ways. A friendly face, even if it’s a sad, stressed out friendly face, goes a long way in times like these.

If you’re an introvert like me and you’re feeling really emotionally vulnerable, keep it a small group of folks you trust (even just one other person!). If you prefer large groups and enjoy being in groups of strangers, open it up to as many people who will join you on a zoom call or some such. Connection, connection, connection.

p.s. Just for those of you who are wondering, I disappeared from the blog and podcast in January because I’ve been prepping for some advanced A&P classes that start next week. It’s taken a lot more time than I expected. But I’m still here and will try to keep providing you high quality resources as this crisis evolves.

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