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Update: the join link has changed!  Here’s the updated one: join here.

At 1:00pm Pacific today!  I’ll be recording a podcast episode live and I hope you’ll join in!

I’ll be interviewing Tiffany and Katherine of Yomassage about their quickly growing business and how they’re keeping up with it.

We’ll be answering audience questions so I hope you can join us!

Join us here.

These ladies are working their tails off trying to keep up with their new business and I’m going to be interviewing them about:

  • How they’re dealing with very fast success
  • What’s inspiring them to weather the chaos of the growth process
  • What’s keeping them grounded
  • What specific skills they’re honing to keep up with the quickly growing demand of what they’re doing

As you know, I’m always interested in how other people grow their practices, and beyond!  All of the questions I’ll bring to the table will be with the mind of helping massage therapists grow their private practices

As always, I love learning and celebrating in community with each other!  See you all Friday!  (Or, you can of course listen to the podcast episode when it’s released later in the day.)

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Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin has owned her full-time practice since 2007. She has a deep drive to help other massage therapists and bodyworkers to create thriving businesses for themselves. For comprehensive programs to help you do just that, see the 'Programs' tab in the menu.

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